Saudi to investigate Brutally Tortured Indonesian maid abuse

Posted: 17/11/10

An Indonesian maid cleans her employer's house. Saudi Arabia is investigating a case of abuse against an Indonesian housemaid. [Reuters]

Saudi Arabia has agreed to investigate a case of abuse against an Indonesian housemaid, who was brutally tortured with scissors.

The 23 year old Indonesian woman is in hospital in Saudi Arabia with
serious wounds to the face and lips.

It's alleged her employers cut her with scissors and burned her with an iron.

It's the latest in a growing list of abuse against foreign maids in the Arabian gulf states.

Indonesia has reacted with anger and summoned the Saudi Ambassador in Jakarta to condemn the attack.

The Indonesian President has also intervened, announcing he'll send an investigative team to Saudi Arabia to seek justice.

The Saudi Government has also reportedly condemned the violence.

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