Heroes Of Islam

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad.

Heroes and Heroism
Every nation has its own heroes. Some are real while others are mythical. These heroes are sources of admiration, and even adoration by certain communities. In enlightened societies real heroes may be models for emultion.

Heroes of Islam
Muslims have no need to look for fictitious or mythical heroes, because their history is abundant with heroes of real flesh and blood, whose acts were heroic because of their faith, and a consequence of their attitude to life and the world. For all the heroes of Islam share two very special traits: full conviction and dedication to their pristine faith and constant attempt to seek the Pleasure of their Creator, Allah, alone regardless of the circumstances and times they live in. For a Muslim hero, be he a military genius, a scholar or a devout common person, knows that the transient life in this world is a means to the eternal life in the Hereafter, and that ephemeral pains and pleasures are nothing compared to the everlasting pains and pleasures of Hell and Heaven.

Purpose of this presentation
Here we will try to present glimpses of the lives of a few heroes of Islam.
It is our hope that you will find actual examples of qualities we all need to instill in ourselves so that Muslims may once again take their proper place and play their vital role in human civilization and history.


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