Blood of innocents on Tony Blair’s grasping hands
[] By Tony Parsons 4/09/2010

There is something rotten at the heart of British ­politics and it can be traced directly back to Tony Blair.

In fairness, the gurning old Bible-basher was not the first politician to lie through his broken teeth and to feather his own nest. But he is without doubt the first British politician to make well over £20million while doing do.

Every time a greedy little backbench MP fiddles his expenses, he has the hot breath of Tony Blair on his neck – Blair, who treated Parliament as a stepping stone to wealth beyond imagination.

And every time a politician opens his mealy mouth and you sincerely doubt if he is telling the truth, he is in the pernicious shadow of Tony Blair – who sent this nation to war on the basis of a lie.

Personally, I’ve had the Blair versus Brown feud up the back of my eyeballs. Who cares? They are two failed politicians who have shuffled from the stage of public life.

What matters is the state that one of them has left our democracy in. And thanks to Blair, that democracy is permanently damaged.

Our distrust of politicians.

Our faith in what they tell us.

Our belief that they can make a difference.

Our conviction that we are a free nation.

Our confidence that our fighting men and women will never be asked to risk life and limbs for no good reason.

All that went right out with Blair. As did the peaceful multi-racial Britain that we knew before he came along and drove divisions of hate between communities that will last for generations.

The bombs of 7/7. The seething hatred that exists in sections of the Muslim community towards the host nation. And, yes, the antipathy that many people in this country now feel towards Muslims.

All that is the fault of Blair, and his servile following of Uncle Sam, and the mountain of burned bodies that he and George Bush created in Iraq. 100,000 dead in Iraq? Blair’s accountants can’t tell us.

Like Thatcher before him, Blair did such terrible damage to this country that it can never be quite the same again.

Thatcher ran down traditional industry, destroyed entire communities, ravaged the old British working class itself.

But Blair did something even worse. Democracy itself is in terminal decline after he lied to ­Parliament, his party and the nation so that he could play best supporting actor to America’s crusades.

Now he wants to be an envoy for peace in the Middle East. That is like getting Hitler to organise a Bar Mitzvah.

I don’t care about Blair’s playground spats with Brown. I don’t care if he favours Ed, David or Doris Miliband. I don’t care what he thinks about Lord Prezza of Hutt getting his pie belly on top of a poor old slapper when lights went out at the Commons.

What matters is that there are boys who will be in wheelchairs for the rest of their days because of Tony Blair. That there are Iraqi children with no arms and legs because of Tony Blair. That there are mothers who will never see their sons, and young wives who are now widows, and there are small children who will grow up without ever knowing their fathers – all thanks to Tony Blair and his selfish, vainglorious, vaunting ambition.

The fact that the terrible pressures of office were so great that he sometimes had half a bottle of Californian Chardonnay with his dinner doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we see right through him. What matters is that he is aware that millions of his countrymen believe every penny of his £20m-plus is stained with the blood of the innocents he crippled and killed.

Without sucking up to America, without building a bonfire of British servicemen for Uncle Sam, Blair would have been just another ex-PM – John Major without the charisma.

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