Digital Bangladesh: A Dream?

By MAKSUD RANA -27.06.10

As we have slowly forged towards becoming a better-nation, we have failed to ensure that all parts of our society benefits

Can the unbound surge made by technology in recent years help us make amends. Can technology really change our lives forever?

Sign at a gas station says NO ELECTRICITY

We've a lot gaga over an issue, namely, "Digital Bangladesh!". Our educated Bangladeshi politicians are often caught glamorizing this misunderstood & conjoined words. They say, the only way forward for this hapless nation is to become a technology superpower? And, many of us are caught in this  ram dream, manufactured in the USA.

Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with 150 million people, 49 percent of whom live below the national poverty line. Water-related diseases are responsible for 24% of all deaths, gastroenteritis and diarrhoeal diseases kill 110,000 children every year.

What we need to understand; when these corrupt and immoral politicians promise us something they don't really understand, is, they are only looking to make sum legitimate bucks. I mean, how many people really understand what this thing "digital technology" is all about? It took me several years for me to grasp the difference between hardware and software!

Yes, it would mean something if it would make some positive impact in their lives. The problem in Bangladesh is not just a lack of investment in the ICT-sector, but the evil grip of corruption and mis-management. Whenever something new comes to Bangladesh, our good businessmen and politicians try to put their mark on it.

So, you get famous spice traders running ISPs, while more famous crooks (businessmen) harbour dreams of managing the future networked Bangladesh. Yep! some even manage to dream of a totally wireless Bangladesh.

Remember Bangladesh Railway' implementation of their ticketing system by Daffodil Computers? Who can honestly say they haven't had 'one of those agonizing experiences'? So, Let's dream on..


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